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Andreas Vinyard



T:  +34 654 893 628

M: info@my-next-challenge.de

Coaches & Supporters

Andreas Vinyard 

Founder & Headcoach

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Andreas has been training hundreds of specialized forces soldiers in  communication and leadership to survive and perform in high risk environments. He translated his knowledge and experiences to his private life to overcome a severe depression himself. Since then it has been his passion to help men to stand their ground and express their masculinity in a healthy way.

Alfredo Romeu

Executive Coach

Alfredo has been through rough times and changed his life completely in only a few months. He is very empathetic and more then motivated to teach you the skills he had to learn the hard way.

Josie McCarthy

Role Play Model/ Assistant Coach

Josie will work with you on our communication, touch and leadership trainings. She is as self-confident as empathetic an keen on supporting you with her well calibrated feedback.