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Andreas Vinyard



T:  +34 654 893 628

M: info@my-next-challenge.de

The 12-Weeks-Mentoring-Program

4 Days intense

Infield Training in Barcelona

Touch & Lead Training with our beautiful models

Workbook with all the knowledge + journal template

12 weekly challenges +

support via

Skype Coaching


infield or model training sessions


complete fashion makeover

"I am more than satisfied with the mentoring. I feel way more confident around women and I am able to approach women that I would have considered out of my league before."

Peter, 29, Netherlands

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Kickstart September

04. - 08.09.2019


2 Spo​​ts left


Kickstart October

02. - 06.10.2019


3 Spo​​ts left


Kickstart November

06. - 10.11.2019


3 Spo​​ts left

"Science and our own experience...

...tell us that it actually takes a minimum of 21 days, but on average between 60 to 90 days to make a change. So, for most people, 90 days (or 3 months or 12 weeks—however you look at it) is a much more effective and realistic timeframe to incorporate a new behavior into your life."

How do I reach out for you?

Get on a call with us only if you are seriously committed to change your dating life. We are happy to answer all your questions in person.
Free Consulting Call
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