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Andreas Vinyard



T:  +34 654 893 628

M: info@my-next-challenge.de



The  ONLY dating company to offer

12-Weeks-Mentoring-Programs for lasting change

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"The communication class with the model was really eye-opening. It is amazing to practice in a save environment and receive honest feedback from a woman."

Bastian, 34, Germany 

This  is what we do.

Andreas Vinyard

Founder and Headcoach

Andreas looks back on a long career as a military instructor in german specialized forces. 


He led and trained hundreds of men how to effectively communicate and control their emotions in highly dangerous combat situations.


Since having dropped out of the military due to a burn-out he now combines his expertise in teaching and leadership with his personal experience of having overcome a total breakdown.

How do I reach out for you?

Get on a call with us only if you are seriously committed to change your dating life. We are happy to answer all your questions in person.
Free Consulting Call
30 Min.


How is your coaching structured?

We have exactly one product.


Our 12-Weeks-Mentoring-Program starts with an intense kickstart workshop followed by a mix of different Skype and live trainings that are adjustable to your needs, skill level and budget.

How many clients will be on a kickstart workshop?

Our services are highly individual and intense. On our workshops and live training sessions there will be not more then 2 students per coach. Maximum 4 students in total. Skype sessions are always 1:1.

I never had a relationship and have limited/zero experiences with girls - can I still attend the program?

Absolutely. Many of our clients have limited experience with women or made bad experiences in the past. Don't worry, all our coaches and models have both the education and the empathy to adjust to your needs and bring you to the next level.

What will exactly happen on a workshop/live training?

You will learn to understand your fear and how to overcome it. We use powerful meditation routines and training sessions with our beautiful models. You will have real interactions with women in the streets and we give you instant, professional feedback.